D Letter Brown Leather Bag D Letter Bag in brown leather

D Letter Bag

Blue suede and leather Tote bag

Stylish, practical, and perfect for any occasion, our crossbody bags are a must-have accessory.

Crossbody Bags

Quality You Can Trust

JURGI bags are created in the United States by a talented Lithuanian designer and meticulously crafted in a partner atelier that prioritizes attention to detail and follows local environmental and safety regulations. Leathers are sourced from local tanneries that strictly adhere to employment and environmental standards.

JURGI Brand Designer :

"I don’t want to reflect some idealized, perfect image of style or the brand. I want to show You JURGI Brands' character, slightly different but comfortable bags, and gain Your trust. That’s what JURGI Brand is about. "

tennis racket backpack in beige and brown leather