blonde woman in green soft dress

My name is Jurgita.

I've been lucky enough to live and explore many parts of Europe. I discovered a places that resonated deeply with my creative spirit—a realm brimming with cultural diversity and artistic allure.

Take a leisurely dive into our handbag collections, and reveal the one that resonates with your unique style essence. Join me on this captivating expedition, where individuality and expression intertwine seamlessly.

As a Lithuanian designer with a passion for comfortable yet unique fashion, I draw inspiration from the people and cultures. I'm excited to share my love for variuos culture and fashion with you through my brand JURGI.

Warm Regards,
Jurgita S.

Story of JURGI logo

This company means a lot to me, so I wanted to create a logo that had a deep meaning.

logo that means heart, eyes and woman’s  head


The creation of JURGI products involves a dedicated team of fewer than ten individuals. The designer carefully selects skilled artisans who collaborate with JURGI to transform imaginative visions into a the perfect bag.


JURGI’s creations are a result of intense attention to detail and a dedication to great quality. Created with genuine materials and hardware that can withstand the rigors of daily life, a JURGI bag is made to last.

The “It” Factor

We all know style when
we see it. . . a kind gesture, an expression of gratitude, or (of course) a spectacular bag. We believe that JURGI’s bags — classic, yet slightly different — can uniquely reflect your own individual style.