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LILI Collection

D Letter Bag

"I don’t want to reflect some idealized, perfect image of style or the brand. I want to show You JURGI Brands' character, slightly different but comfortable bags, and gain Your trust. That’s what this new Collection is about. "

With Love, Jurgita

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Made in Turkey

Lithuanian Designer
All designs born in the United States

Quality is not only a question of materials used, but every piece of the production process. For this reason, our partner atelier is compliant with local environmental and safety regulations and regularly inspected by an outside work safety company approved by the Turkish government. Additionally, all leathers used are sourced from local Turkish leather tanneries that respect employment and environmental regulations.

Designs are created in the US by a Lithuanian-born Designer and then handcrafted by our partner atelier in Istanbul, Turkey. For over 45 years, this family-owned company has carried on a tradition of impeccable craftsmanship.
Less than ten people are involved in the entire production process for JURGI creations. We are proud that each team member has worked at the atelier for nearly 2 decades and is paid a living wage.