For the first time in her life, Jurgita wanted to create a bag all on her own. She was used to figuring things out for herself — she had traveled and lived all over Europe, moved to the United States, modeled, acted, and interior designed. Driven by her spirit of independence, she sat down at home to hand made  a bright new clutch. . . and JURGI was born. 

 A curious, self-motivated designer, Lithuanian native Jurgita is passionate about comfortable, slightly different, long-lasting fashion. 

In Jurgita’s travels, there was one place that stood out from all the rest: Turkey, the crossroads of Europe and Asia. 
This country and its people welcomed her with open arms, even as she couldn’t speak a word of Turkish. She quickly came to love the happy, carefree spirit of the Turkish people. In the end, they all spoke the same language: passion, the passion of living life to the fullest. 
Her experiences in Turkey inspired her creative vision and ideas. When she decided to start her bag company, she knew Turkey was exactly the place to realize her JURGI dreams. 
Turkish Craftsmanship
Each JURGI product is entirely handcrafted — from start to finish — by our partner atelier in Istanbul, Turkey. For over 45 years, this family-owned company has carried on a tradition of impeccable craftsmanship.
Less than ten people are involved in the entire production process for JURGI creations. We are proud that each team member has worked at the atelier for nearly 2 decades and is paid a living wage.
JURGI’s creations are a result of intense attention to detail and a dedication to great quality. Created with genuine materials and hardware that can withstand the rigors of daily life, a JURGI bag is made to last. 
Quality is not only a question of materials used, but every piece of the production process. For this reason, our partner atelier is compliant with local environmental and safety regulations and regularly inspected by an outside work safety company approved by the Turkish government. 
Additionally, all leathers used are sourced from local Turkish leather tanneries that respect employment and environmental regulations.
The “It” Factor 
We all know style when we see it. . . a kind gesture, an expression of gratitude, or (of course) a spectacular bag. We believe that JURGI’s bags — classic, yet slightly different — can uniquely reflect your own individual style. 
Only available in limited quantities, you’re sure to turn heads with an authentic handmade leather JURGI bag, no matter the situation.